NEW  Upon This Rock Films 3 time award winning short FULFILLMENT was recognized by Christian Trailers and has been added to their site.  Click the Christian Trailers logo below

Upon This Rock Films [aka: UTR Films / UTRF], founded by Owen Hisle, and based out of beautiful Aurora, Colorado is a powerful Jesus driven film production ministry/company seeking to reach the world for Christ, through movies, which offer a Christian Faith-Based message of every day real life by touching the hearts of people with the love of Jesus (through God's eyes), along with that extra Hollywood touch and entertaining Hollywood quality
Watch our 3 time award winning 2014 short Christian film

Owen Hisle 
[Big O]
(President, CEO, Founder)


UTRF also showcaes fundraisers, programs, and events to raise awareness for their films as well as helping/showcasing others with their outside projects


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