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However, where we as Christians aren’t able to provide,

we go into prayer, then God shows up providing another way


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Speaking as a Christian Filmmaker from a filmmaker's art form point of view:

I have been in the Christian film industry since 2001 to present day {via trial & error, more hands on experience, less talking, falling down on my own, getting back up on my own, and continuing to move forward}.  Many other Christian filmmakers are seeing the same thing that I am, by wanting to be bold enough to tell other Christian filmmakers that they'll reach more people {like the un-saved; not just the already-conveniently-packaged-saved} if they would just make better quality movies with more of a genuine risk taking real-life approach {more real life bad, and ugly (not just the good and different) in your face stories where Jesus still shows up even if His children end up beat-up, bloody, and dead but, the other person who wasn't a Christian lives however, they still heard the gospel.  Now that won't make sense to the Christian filmmakers of today because their more watered down and only like to play it safe however, the point Jesus drove home with His disciples was only one thing - MARK 16:15 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".  Jesus never said anywhere in the entire bible {Genesis - Revelation} that His message was just only for the "already-conveniently-packaged-saved" {um, um, remind me again, what all humans are at birth before they find salvation in Jesus lol lol}.  I'll get to the point.  The hard truth is that the Christian filmmaker needs to be executing better quality movies - period!!!

From an art-form point of view, the Christian filmmaking movie industry of today has gotten so bad.  Poor execution and low quality.  Film is not only powerful, it's one of the greatest mediums in the world.  Nothing exists or even comes close to expressing the human experience from the point of view of a character, point of view of a person, which comes from real life.  It's more then just pointing a camera at an actor, it's a director with an idea who expresses via cinematographers who use placement, lenses and settings of the camera in creative complex ways to tell the story visually.  It's actors being truthful under imaginary circumstances.  It's an editor arranging individual clips and sequences into a grand story.  All of that and so much more is what makes film, film.  Sad to say, but still true, the Christian filmmaking industry today takes this for granite because they rush through it which results in poor execution.  Christian movies of today do nothing more than teach other Christians how to be better Christians because their preaching to the choir.  Christian movies of today come across as nothing more then a Sunday sermon masquerading as movies.  Not all Christian movies are guilty of this.  There are some really good ones {Passion Of The Christ, Risen, The Chosen, etc}.  A huge majority of these movies just aren't believable.  Isn't that what Jesus was, believable?  Because He delivered with great careful execution of His real story, and a great film team can bring any story to life with their correctly taught skills, through cinema


Then why isn't anyone saying anything about this?  Sure, Jesus said to speak with love - Ephesians 4:15 "Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of Him who is the head, that is, Christ", but I don't think it means never critique anything just because someone else might think it's mean.  If no one ever said anything constructive {which many choose to take as mean}, no one would get better.  The silence has gone on for long enough


The only way to improve is to humbly and willingly want to choose to notice 'mine - our - your' mistakes as filmmakers however, someone who chooses to remain arrogant of their mistakes will not improve.  One of the infamous things Christian movies are known for is low quality.  You can tell just by looking at them.  The original thought would be that this was due to their small budgets because the Christian movie industry are mainly independent films, so we thought until you watch quite a few Christian movies which had/have budgets of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) or more.  Now that's still a small budget when it comes to movies, but something of this quality?  There are movies with budgets way smaller that look and sound better - Money Does Not Equal Quality.  Money is not the problem.  It's the execution.  Good cuts can create great storytelling


- Execution

- Great Cinematographer

- Great Actors

- Great Scorer

- Great Editor


- Establish (who, what, where, when, why)

- Close Up (film lingo = important or intimate)

- Medium & Establish (film lingo = awkward or uncomfortable)


- Shot reverse shot, Shot reverse shot, Shot reverse shot, without ever using Establish, Closeup, etc

Bad execution isn't the result of a low budget, this is a result of laziness.  Good editing can be achieved by a teenager with a phone and Imovie.  It doesn't take any money to edit like that.  What it does take is creativity and a love for the art form.  It has been noted and noticed that, if Christians believe in a limitless creative God, then why are we making unimaginative movies of such low quality?


Money is not the problem.  They have plenty of it.  The problem with Christian movies is that they seem to be made by preachers, not filmmakers.  These folks are basically preachers who use film to send their message.  That's understandable and everyone should respect that.  Once we approach these as sermons and not as movies then we can see the message clearly (if there even was one in the first place).  But if these are sermons, then what are they preaching?  It's true preachers and filmmakers have something in common - to show the truth.  But, here's where Christian movies (especially those ChristianFlix folks and those two Christian Brothers trying to be like the NetFlix and Amazon Prime folks) gets it wrong

The bottom line is this - The problem with most Christian movies is that they aren't movies, they're video sermons made with a lot of money but less execution and less quality.  Jesus today still presents Himself to the world as the one true message using the high price He paid along with exceptional execution and great quality - So shouldn't we as Christian filmmakers do the same thing with movies that Jesus entrusted us with when we are sharing with others, even if it's through cinema?



Upon This Rock Films is a multi award winning Faith Based / Family Friendly film production company which was founded in 2013 by its multi award winning President, & CEO, Owen Hisle.  Upon This Rock Films is located in beautiful Aurora Colorado.  Our goal is to make professional high quality Faith Based / Family Friendly movies that yes - are Faith Based - however, we welcome all cast and crew regardless if their Faith Based or not.  UTR Films film projects are about taking risks, challenges, chances, by pushing the envelope in creating films with a genuine risk taking real-life approach {more real life bad, and ugly}, (not just the good and different), with a get-in-your-face real life Jesus message however, also making sure we maintain that audience entertainment value



Upon This Rock Films vision is to bring together all talented cast and crew within Colorado to make Faith Based / Family Friendly movies.  We will all work together as a team.  As time goes on, all of our own film industry experiences will reveal to each one of us what our individual talent and niche is and what Jesus wants us to individually, as well as collectively, bring to the movie making table, and reveal to each one of us our strengths and weaknesses, make our strengths stronger, turn our weaknesses into strengths, provide us with new tools, or sharpen the ones we already have



Upon This Rock Films main mission is to make award winning quality Faith Based / Family Friendly movies, which will bring glory and honor to the Father and His kingdom by welcoming all cast and crew who have that same movie making passion regardless if their Faith Based or Not - Bottom line: If you are a film industry cast or crew who claims to be a follower of Jesus but, you refuse to work with other film industry cast or crew whom you claim are not worthy of Jesus (meaning no one appointed you as Holy Spirit) then, you will not be welcomed to be part of UTR Films



Although we encourage other followers / believers in Jesus, within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films, we also encourage non-believers within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films as well.  No one will be asked to - become a believer, leave their current church, join any other church, or get ear pounded with judgmental words that their doomed to hell in order to be part of this exciting adventure and ministry.  UTR Films will always pray over each and every script, film location, film set, cast, crew, extra, helper, etc (no one likes to be preached to, preached at however, most people welcome others to pray over them)



Upon This Rock Films doesn't belong to any church, denomination, or religious leader.  Only the leadership of Jesus

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