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Colorado has many Faith Based Christian actors and crew, who are part of secular film projects.  However, they would also love to be part of Faith Based Christian film projects.  Upon This Rock Films is here to change all that


Upon This Rock Films is a multi award winning Christian Faith Based / Family Friendly film production company which was founded in 2013 by its multi award winning President, CEO, Owen Hisle.  Upon This Rock Films is located in beautiful Aurora Colorado.  Our goal is to make professional high quality Christian Faith Based / Family Friendly movies that are Christ-centered, taking risks, challenges, and chances, by pushing the envelope in creating films built around real life however, also making sure we maintain that audience entertainment value


Upon This Rock Films vision is to bring together Faith Based Christian talent as well as welcoming Non-Christian talent within Colorado to make Christian Faith Based / Family Friendly movies.  We will all work together as a team.  As time goes on, God’s timing that is, God will reveal to each one of us what our individual talent and niche is and what God wants us to individually, as well as collectively, bring to the Faith Based Christian movie making table, and reveal to each one of us our strengths and weaknesses, make our strengths stronger, turn our weaknesses into strengths, provide us with new tools, or sharpen the ones we already have


Upon This Rock Films main mission is to make award winning quality Christian Faith Based / Family Friendly movies for Jesus, which will bring glory and honor to the Father and His kingdom


Although we encourage other believing Christians within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films, we also encourage non-believers within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films as well.  UTR Films is an Equal Opportunity Film Production Company, regardless if you are a Believer, a Non-Believer, Disability, Gender Identity, Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Film Students, or Veteran Status.  No one will be asked to - become a Christian, leave their current church, join any other church, or get ear pounded with judgmental words that their doomed to hell in order to be part of this exciting adventure and ministry (everyone will be treated equally, fairly, given mercy and grace through the love of Jesus because Jesus died on the cross and rose again to bring all humans back to a right relationship with the Father; right where you are and no matter where you are in your life)


Upon This Rock Films doesn't belong to any church, denomination, or religious leader - only the leadership of Jesus Christ