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Christian Faith-Based Acting Workshops

(However All Are Welcomed To Register)




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Meet Your Acting Workshop Coach; Owen Hisle



-THIS WORKSHOP TEACHES HOW TO AUDITION, SEARCH FOR AUDITIONS, GET THE AUDITION, ARRIVE TO THE AUDITION & GET BOOKED FOR THE MOVIE AND/OR THEATER PROJECT SORT OF LIKE (Examples Only: Your Local State Projects, Passion Play Of Denver, Sight & Sound Theater, Kendrick Brothers Films, Hollywood big budget, etc)


  • Multi Award Winning Director, Voice-Overs, Producer, Writer, and Acting Workshop Coach; Owen Hisle Provides film and theater acting workshops to ages 16 and over ONLY.  Owen's motivational style of teaching has a way of capturing and commanding his audience's attention which draws them back for more


(Great practice to always read everything about your Acting Coach {Director, Writer, Producer & DP})

  • Improve Your Audition Skills

  • Practice The Art Of Not Acting


Statistically speaking, auditions are the number one fear held by American actors.  For many, this fear is related to inexperience, not properly trained, and lack of confidence – both of which can be improved by taking Owen Hisle's acting workshop


The great acting teacher Sanford Meisner defined acting as “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”   But for many of us who communicate before an audience, the temptation is to do the opposite, to act imaginarily under truthful circumstances.  Fueled by a legitimate desire to deliver a powerful message, we craft our words, our presentation, and our delivery to such an extent that the drive to do our best can actually rob us of sharing a genuine moment with an audience


As actors, it can be very easy for us to become nervous or upset about our next audition despite our understanding of the importance of auditioning.  This can happen at any time, even to experienced actors.  The big question is what can we do about it?


  • Workshops Will Cover The Following


-Open up in prayer

(you don't have to be part of prayer but, we will open up in prayer)

-Professional doesn't always mean getting paid

(entertainment industry follows their own different protocol)

-Hurry up and wait

(it's not the time it takes to take the takes, it's the time it takes in between the takes that takes the time it takes to take the takes)


-Glamor & Lights

(way way less glamor lots more lights)


-Rejection is the #1 reason people get out of the entertainment industry - Christian & Secular

(more doors are going to close than those that will open)

-Stage fright

(no one can teach anyone to get over it - you have to teach yourself plus attend acting workshops)

-How to audition

(most actors don't know how to properly audition which is why they don't get booked)

-Deliver the direction the Director gives you at the audition

(never deliver to the director what you think they want to hear)

-Receiving the sides

(usually email)

-Practice sides with a family member or a friend you trust, in the mirror and record yourself

-Arriving to the audition on time

(doesn't mean arrive to parking lot or going through location entrance - means arrive to audition room on time)

-Bring your Sides to every audition

(never leave or forget your sides at home)


-What are Sides vs Scripts at auditions


-Headshots - proper industry protocol

(industry uses color sent through email & cell - some still prefer hard-copy sent through mail or in-person)

-Go ahead and laugh - you're up next

-Greet everyone at the audition

(use same excitement exiting as when you entered)

-Writer, Producer, Director, DP are exited about their new movie or theater production

(at audition be real, show them you're just as excited, you're right for this role)

-Mark, Intro, Slate, Profile, Frame and Action

(ok to mess-up - don't stop to say sorry - re-set - continue)

-OK to have Sides in your hand & you better during your audition

(they know it's an audition - they see it - you're not getting over on anyone)

-Leave them something to remember you by which is usually how you get booked

(all are auditioning for the same role the same way - stand out from all the others)

-Always regularly attend an acting class / workshop

(famous actors still attend acting classes / workshops)

-Having your own website, social media pages, reel, hats, shirts, biz-cards, car door magnets

(advertise, advertise, advertise)

-Finding your niche

(i always swore i only wanted to be an actor only - i was wrong - i found that i'm better at directing, voiceovers & coaching)

-Finish High School

-Get a college degree in anything except acting so you have something to fall back on

-Don't quit your day job

-Start in your own back yard - You become that good they'll find you

-Hot spots

-Extra's Companies -vs- Film Schools for your resume

-Preparing your Sides

-Memorization techniques

-Fun hands on exercise -participation

-Making the words your own

-Going to an audition

-Getting the film role

-Accepting project, Stick it out, Won't work with them again

(ok - everyone knows everyone - they will remember you)

-Accepting project, Bailing on project

(not ok - everyone knows everyone - they will remember you)

-Accepting & giving 100% of yourself to project knowing there's no monetary pay

(treat that project as if you are getting paid)

-Commanding -vs- Demanding your audience

-Honing your skills

-Film, On Camera, Improvisation

-Self confidence, good posture

-Welcoming nervousness, eye contact, taking detours

-Pause, OK to mess up, Don't let them see you sweat


-I know it's not me

-Always listen and take advise from each different Acting Coach because they each teach something great

(well, acting coach so & so said to do it this way - a big no no attitude to have)

-Agents - Genuine vs Scammer

- Protect all your work - many will steal your work (yes, even Christians)

(if you tell someone else what you have or know with-out legally protecting it they'll steal it they'll know it too)

-NDAs, Talent Release Forms, WGAW, Copy Rights, Contracts

  • FYI


Every actor's, actress's, number one main reason for taking any acting workshop,  should never be based upon the acting coach themselves, their name, how many projects are on their resume, how many awards they have won, their geographical location, or how many 'LIKES' are on their Social Media pages


(Remember, every acting coach out there is not better then the other and there is no-one-individual coach that is God's gift to the world because, 1); every coach is the same every day person as you are and 2); even the coach has a coach)


The main reason for acting workshops themselves is to - Network with others, keep your craft honed, work together as a team, reveal to yourself and each other what your talent and niche is, reveal to yourself and to each other your strengths and weaknesses, make your strengths stronger, turn your weaknesses into strengths, be provided with new tools, or sharpen the ones you already have (but most of all, have fun) - Acting workshops are not a science and no one is ever going to get it right each and every time; and that is perfectly OK



Brittany Dymond  - Actress - Thornton, CO

I attended Owen’s workshop in May 2019.  In those 3 hours he covered everything from auditions, to acting, to the do’s and dont’s, to resumes, etc.  I left really excited to finally begin my acting journey.  He stopped and answered in detail any questions that I had.  He even offered to help coach me on character building.  He is a very knowledgeable, smart, funny and awesome director/writer/producer/coach.  I am very thankful I found him and am thankful for his workshop and I look forward to the next one and character building class


Haleigh Burckley - Actress - Broomfield, CO

I had the great pleasure of attending one of Owen’s awesome workshops.  He is a very kind and intelligent individual and has great material to educate with.  He is so incredibly passionate about coaching and on camera acting; his level of enthusiasm is definitely something to achieve.  In the workshop, one of the pieces we worked on was good audition techniques, and I can wholeheartedly say, I’m much more confident in my presentation towards casting directors than I was before.  His classes are something I would recommend to any actor, no matter their experience level.  They are very beneficial and lots of fun!  Thank you, Owen, for the awesome techniques.  I can’t wait for the next class!


Emjae Tatum - Actress - CO

Owen Hisle's Acting / Public Speaking Workshop was fun and I learned a lot of useful tools that will be extremely helpful.  Thank you Owen for taking time out of your schedule to provide this wonderful workshop!


Michael Jay - Actor, Filmmaker - Denver, CO


Owen Hisle's Acting workshop was superb!.  Coming from working behind the camera his passion and animation helped me understand the presence in front of the camera a lot better.  It was fun up beat and makes you excited in continuing pursuing your acting career.  I'm looking forward to attending more workshops with Owen in the future

Nov / 2017 - Workshop Testimonials


Elizabeth Session - Actress - Denver, CO


On Saturday October 21st I had the pleasure of taking an acting workshop with acting coach Owen Hisle.  Owen was very energetic in showing on camera acting.  It was fun and exciting taking his class.  If I have to give a rating I would give 5/5 stars.  Thank you Owen for a great fun time

Bibi Milagros - Actress - Fountain, CO


Owen Hisle's Acting / Public Speaking Workshop was so much fun!  He seemed very knowledgeable and shared some of his experience and information on how the industry operates.  We discussed our goals and practiced some of his shared tips and techniques on auditions and such.  The food was good and the energy was better!  Can't wait to attend another of Owen Hisle's Workshops.  I'm sure we've only seen a fraction of how he can help an upcoming actor!  Thank you Owen!!!

Kathy Gloisten - Actress - Parker, CO


Having been a professional teacher for over 30 years I can say that Owen is one of the best!  His passion for his craft is unmatched.  He has boundless enthusiasm for helping actors hone their skills.  Following his lesson plans, Owen started with the basics after all introductions and shared experiences were expressed.  He allowed for questions and answered all thoroughly.  We had opportunities to practice slating, framing and profiling for auditions as well as script dialogue with classmates.  I feel that I learned a lot and grew tremendously.  My confidence has been increased, I am poised and ready for my next filming adventure.  One of the best techniques I will always use after attending Owen's class is his memorization tricks.  Monologues have always been a challenge for me but now I'm not so afraid of them, thanks to Owen!  I'd recommend aspiring and seasoned actors alike to consider taking one of Owen's workshops.  You'll come away with more than you expected and maybe even land that next big role

Bekka Spidell - Actress - Aurora, CO

I attended the UTRF Acting Class Workshop in Aurora Colorado. It was a nice course and refresher on what to expect when going into an audition. It was also nice clarification of what casting directors and producers are looking for in an audition as well. We went over the basic procedures of an audition and then each practiced the beginning of one to make sure we all remembered to do the right things. We didn't do much in the way of actual acting, besides the rapid-fire question improv game we did. But still, it was thorough covering of the audition process which is an important step that deserved the time put into teaching it. I am looking forward to seeing what other workshops become available


Michael Kennedy - Actor - Aurora, CO


Owen, thanks for offering the acting class on Saturday. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from you. Your energy and enthusiasm really brought the topics to life and made an impact on me and the others in the class too. Starting this initial class with the mechanics of auditions was perfect, "starting on the ground floor," the improv lesson was fun and creative and I look forward to more classes


Joseph Mendiola - Actor - Aurora, CO


Hello Owen.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of your acting class last Saturday.  My wife and I were so happy to be in that group.  Meeting those people like Don's family; with their two daughters who are so full of encouragement at their young age, and Bekka was so awesome to work with, which is giving me encouragement to learn some advance courses for acting.  The acting class were so encouraging for me to learn so many things like, how to Handel some rejection, and learn to keep on reaching with my goals, to be a marketable artist.  Being with UTRF, I know I can grow, and learning from you.  Thank you so much for giving your time to this class, we look forward to the next class

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