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I'm Owen Demill Hisle Jr [aka: Big O].  I'm a believer / follower / Christian of Jesus.  I was born on February 14th 1960 in Lexington Kentucky early AM; just in time to join Mom for breakfast :)  My father, Owen Demill Hisle Sr, now deceased, was originally from Kentucky and moved to New Jersey when he was 21 and it was there he met and married my Mom. My father worked as a concrete laborer. My Mom, Francis Catherine Gallicchio, now deceased, was originally from New Jersey and due to deathly ill health issues from birth she could never work. My parents moved back to New Jersey when I was a year old because my Mom got home sick. My grandparents (Bernard & Sarah Gallicchio - my Mom's parents) migrated to New Jersey from Sicily, Italy in the early 1900's so I'm the second generation born on American soil

I'm also 1/2 Sicilian, 1/4 Cherokee, 1/16 Irish, 1/16 German, 1/32 Welsh, and get this - according to two different African American 40-years-professional-real-barbers who cut my hair, I have a very little bit of African American blood in me too

I was raised and grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey from the age of 1 up until I left New Jersey at 24. My uncles-(on my Mom's side) were mostly rough, tough Italians who worked as car mechanics, construction workers, concrete laborers, and tractor trailer drivers. I mostly hung out with my Uncles, helping them with the cars they worked on and riding along with them during their tractor trailer road trips during the summer months when school was out

As a little boy since the 70’s, I always knew I wanted to be an actor some day (not knowing then that Directing & Voice-Overs would be my actual calling) but, I also knew I wanted to make the Army my first stop. In 1984 at 24 I joined the United States Army. Because it was known by many of my Military NCO’s & Officers that I wanted to pursue an acting career, I had the awesome opportunity to work OJT outside my regular assigned MOS-11Mike-(Infantry 3RD ID), as a movie photographer, film camera operator and movie director for various military missions and as an assistant director to the director for plays the military put on for soldiers (that was the best 6 months experience I had). My intentions were to serve 20 to 30 years in the military, retire and then allow my military retirement funds help me in pursuing an acting career

You know, I actually thought about becoming an Attorney or a Homicide Detective (get to know me and you’ll know why lol lol lol)

That all changed in 1993 in a horrible way for me and 1993 changed my life in a whole different direction with the same goal but with a very much longer route. While serving a one year tour in Korea for the military, I sustained a severe life changing back injury when I was crushed by a Bradley-(Army Tank) which flipped over. I was placed in medical hold in 1994 for 1 year, had a major 10 hour spine surgery, cut bone away from 3 of my verts and meat away from 2 of my disks, spent almost 1 1/2 years post-surgery learning how to walk all over again. I was honorably medically discharged as “Disabled Service Connected” from the Army in July 1996. To look at me today from a physical aspect you’d never know I went through that (except for the 5″ scar on my lower spine). Of course emotionally I have developed Post-PTSD as a result of my horrifying experience. Being a Veteran myself going through PTSD (disturbing thoughts, feelings, dreams related to my accident, the mental and physical distress, difficulty sleeping, mood swings with changes in how I think and feel, failed relationships – I mean the list goes on). But I’m not letting PTSD stop me or slow me down just because of a slower longer route. However, the coolest phenomenon always takes place when I’m directing actors onset, providing voice-overs from a sound studio, or teaching an acting workshop – I’m always in a great place, I feel great, I’m at my best, I Am Home, I make actors (real or animated) look and sound 10′ feet tall on screen

In September 1996 just two months after being honorably medically discharged from the Army and only serving a total of 12 years which was thought to end up being a hopeful 20 to 30 years, the Veterans Association asked me if I’d like to earn a college degree of my choice and they would pick up the entire tab (any major, any college, any location, all tuition, all books, all supplies paid and even tax free money to live off of each month while in college). Although I had my heart set on becoming an actor and I was still determined to pursue that #1 passionate goal, I made a wise choice by taking the V.A. up on their generous offer and majored in Computer Information Systems, Computer Technician Specialist, and Website Developer due to the fact I started tinkering with computers two years prior to 1996 and computers would be a good thing to fall back on and use while pursuing an acting career

In 1999 just shortly after graduating from college, I moved back to Colorado. From 1999 to 2001 I worked in Colorado with-in the IT Industry as a Professional PC/Break Fix Hardware/Software/Website Developer Tech, was a Supervisor/Manager for various Computer Repair Chop Shops, and had my own part time Home Based Computer Repair Shop

In 2001 I took an assessment of my life and where I was at that time. With the military, my surgery, my long recovery, college behind me, and PTSD still tagging along with me, plus, since I was single and really had no ties or other obligations attached to my life, I felt it was as good a time as any to pick up where I left off and continue pursuing my acting career

In July 2001 I gave my current employer and landlord a 30 days notice, sold everything I owned, then in August 2001 I hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed for Oklahoma to start pursuing my acting career

From August 2001 to December 2006 I traveled to Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Austin Texas, San Antonio Texas, Portland Oregon, and Indianapolis Indiana working and training full time as a professional film actor. In that time I had the awesome opportunity to train with some of the best acting coaches the film industry offered-(Michelle DeLong, Pato Hoffmann, Donise Hardy, Van Brooks, Kristy Martin, Toni Cobb Brock, the late Jimmy Zerda, and Norm Silver). I attended hundreds and hundreds of auditions, was casted in many independent films, had numerous roles, worked with some of Hollywood’s famous named actors-(Luke Wilson, Terry Crews, Dax Shepard and, the late William Hurt) as well as directors and production companies-(Corpus LLC & Content Films-Director James Marsh, 20th Century Fox-Director Mike Judge, and Roach Productions-Director Jay Roach)

In January 2006 I needed to permanently move back to Colorado and get a real long term but temporary job because I was slowly going broke and I needed steady funds again to continue on with my filmmaking career

In 2013 I started Upon This Rock Films (UTR Films, UTRF) with Producing, Writing, Directing (UTRF is now HISLE FILMS as of 2022). I fell in love with Directing movies and providing Voice-Overs in movies plus, come to find out I was really good at both. After our first multi award winning short film FULFILLMENT in 2014 I was hooked – from that point on I was only going to produce, write, and direct but directing and voice-overs are my true love. Between 2014 to Present day I have gone on to direct a few other multi award winning films (Broken Clay and End Of Wyntor) as well as Animated series movie projects where I lent my voice as one of the characters. Hisle Films is currently in pre-production with a new movie

Today I live in beautiful colorful Colorado working and continuing to work as a professional filmmaker (directing and providing voice overs for movies)

Still working towards and waiting for that first big break – Never giving up. Besides I’m having so much fun pursuing a filmmaking career (as a Film Director / Voice-Over talent)

Here it is 2023. Just like in the Army and just like in 2001, I feel it is again as good a time as any to pick up where I left off and continue pursuing my filmmaking career as a film director / voice-over talent but this time at a higher echelon. I’ve taken another assessment of my life and where I am at this time. With EVERYTHING else finally behind me, I’m retired, I’m active and medically healthy as that of a person in their 40’s (great family bloodline), I’m debt free, I don’t owe anyone anything, I have no job tying me down, I have the flexibility to travel for film work as a Film Director / Voice-Over

Yes I have an Agent (if needed).  Christine Grant - Eden Talent - Lakewood Colorado -

I don’t know anyone from Hollywood – I’m not related to anyone important or famous – I just want a chance. Are you where you are today because you were in a situation where you too just needed a chance, just needed a break, and you got one??

When I'm not Writing, Producing, Directing movies, you can find me studying and training in Wing Chun Kung Fu under my Kung Fu Teacher, Master Marek Chromik at his studio Eclectic Ground in Englewood Colorado

I also paint beautiful landscapes using watercolors on canvas

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