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UTR Films New First Full Feature Film


Submission auditions tentatively

fall 2021 for winter 2022 filming


UTR Films has met it's first goal with 3 multi award winning shorts {Fulfillment, Broken Clay, End Of Wyntor} currently available for free public viewing (2014-2020) - Info & Movies Here


UTR Films is now gearing-up for its new 2 year first full feature film project ONE OTHER ELIMENT

pre-production auditions, locations, etc / production filming, etc / post-production editing, screenings, awards, distribution to theaters, Alamo Drafthouse, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc


UTR Films will combine One Other Eliment, End Of Wyntor, and Broken Clay into one-prophetic-full-feature-story in the tone/manner/trilogy of:


Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, or The Chronicles of Narnia


ONE OTHER ELIMENT {New} sets up the story, telling of a beginning new primal age of peace and love where Goodlight and Humankind are newly created through the All Creator named Eliment whom later becomes Lord Goodlight - THE NEW BEGINS


END OF WYNTOR {trailer to feature} follows a thousand years later.  Lord Wyntor and his army of Dargens are created by evil, exile and attempt to kill one of his own, try to kill a Princess/Queen, take possession of the Stone Of Great, take over Lord Goodlight, Humankind, and destroy a prophecy - BIRTH OF THE PROPHECY


BROKEN CLAY {feature re-make}; Present Day.  Final battle of this prophecy comes to pass, evil is defeated once and for all and victims rescued by a chosen Battle Angel Nemamiah - FINAL BATTLE CHOSEN ONE


END OF WYNTOR and BROKEN CLAY'S lead and supporting actors are currently booked:
*Nathan Loyd Pratt,   *Matt Roszak,   *Irene Leonard,   *Sasha Mushovic,   *Ted MW Rich,   *Audrey Fischer,   *Anna Eppe,   *Tyler Milligan,   *Jaenalyn Nicole Simmons,   *Timothy Lee,   *Marla Kalin,   *Courtney Maynard,   *Michael Kennedy,   *William Brugger,   *Rusty Totty,   *Donovan Macias,   *Marcus Porter,   *Nathan Daniel Simmons II,   *Hannah Rey,   *Dion Mills,   *Tahir Jackson,   *Johnathan Renfroe III,   *Brittany Dymond


ONE OTHER ELIMENT will be holding auditions for all lead and supporting cast/roles tentatively fall 2021 for winter 2022 filming (brave dedicated cast & warm scarf needed lol)


*{Check Back Fall 2021}*

*{For Open Submissions}*


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