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UTR Films Is Now Accepting Submissions For

Our New 1st Full Feature Film 'DILDAHMAHTOR'


It Is Mandatory To Visit And Read Our 'ABOUT' Page Which Is Part Of The Submission 

Then Return Here To Complete Submission Form Below


**Failure To Comply With All Submission Requirements, Your Submission Will Be Denied**











Date, Times, Location

UTR Films Will Provide




-UTR Films launched end of 2013 / beginning of 2014


-Short term goal: produce 3 award winning shorts (and their trailers) free for public viewing (between 2013 & 2020)


-3 shorts will be used for marketing to raise funding towards long term goal 1st feature film local theaters (2020 / 2021)


-UTR Films 1st short film (and trailer), Free public viewing, 2013-2014; FULFILLMENT


-UTR Films 2nd short film (and trailer), Free public viewing, 2017-2020; Broken Clay


-UTR Films 3rd short film (and trailer), Free public viewing, 2019-2020; End Of Wyntor


-UTR Films new 1st full feature film (and trailer), Local movie theaters, 2021-2023; DILDAHMAHTOR



* in addition to submitting through this Submission page, you agree to confirm through this Submission page that you have read, understood, and respect everything mentioned at the ABOUT page


* although UTR Films is Christian Faith-Based, all Non-Christians are 100% welcomed to submit and No One will get ear pounded with judgmental words that their doomed to hell (everyone will be treated equally, fairly, given mercy and grace through the love of Jesus because Jesus died on the cross and rose again to bring all humans back to a right relationship with the Father; right where you are and no matter where you are in your life)

* most new filmmakers are broke but, that doesn't mean they don't want to make good quality projects


* to hit the pavement hard and running when you choose to be part of any UTR Films project


* when you raised your hand to be part of any UTR Films project, you already knew what you're getting yourself into


* no monetary pay will be provided towards any of the short films / trailers (unless otherwise stated)


* UTR Films future goal is to make every effort to eventually provide monetary pay

* everyone will however obviously receive film credit/s and IMDb towards all UTR Films projects

* everyone needs to have the Cash-APP - APP on their cell phones


* UTR Films will provide breakfast and dinner meals (UTR Films / Cast / Crew voluntarily chipping in for Pot-Luck lunches)


* funds raised for 1st feature film go towards - Monetary Pay (cast & crew), Equipment, Lodging, Travel, Mileage Reimbursement, Film Fests, Marketing, Screenings, Misc, Murphy's Law, Etc


* UTR Films primarily shoots only on Saturdays from sun-up to sun-down (with the rare occasional Friday evenings)


* UTR Films might shoot on Sundays too


* everyone is required to remain at the film location(s), no one will go on a search and rescue, no one will babysit anyone

* if UTR Films has to stop production to search for anyone, that "anyone" will no longer be part of the entire film

* you must be a legal US citizen and, everyone is subject to provide proof of legal photo I.D


* if you live in Colorado and know you will be relocating to another state or country, no need to submit


* if you are relocating to Colorado, then by all means - submit


* everyone is required to fill out and sign either if not all - NDA's, Release Forms, Contracts

* UTR Films, cast, crew, extras, helpers, film > locations/sets/projects/events, will comply with Covid-19 Safe Sets International


* you must be a team player


* in the entertainment industry more doors will close then those that will open


* must be proficient with or learn the free online webcam meeting portals such as Skype and Google Hangouts


* everyone must have reliable transportation and access to cell phone for calling and texting


* UTR Films is serious and professional in striving towards the Hollywood/Red Carpet thing (from Colorado)


* UTR Films is not a fad or a hobby on the side


* UTR Films is in it for the long haul and you need to be as well


* if you do not have a solid support system in place (spouse, family, friends, fans, co-workers, etc) you will not be a good fit



A Submission Does Not Guarantee An Interview Or Audition


UTR Films Will View Each And Every Submission


Be Sure Your Email, Cell, Text, Work For Us To Notify You If Your Submission Is Selected


The More You Provide Within The Submission Will Indicate To Us How Experienced And Serious You Are


Preference Will Be Given To Those Who Have The Most Experience (Excluding Extras/Helpers) And Have Their Own Equipment

(Final Year Film School Students Also Welcomed As Part Of Their Internship)

(Will Receive Official Internship Cert Upon Request)

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