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Hire Owen To Direct Or Provide Voice-Overs For Your Next Movie

(Acting Workshop no general or rude emails to this email address If you do you'll be ignored & blocked)

(If you are big budget Union/NonUnion requiring an Agent, use this email -


"The film industry is like therapy

At some point you have to put into action what you have learned

The more you use it

The better you will become".......Owen Hisle


  • I am a true believer / a true follower / a true Christian of Jesus (Are You?)

  • I'm not afraid to speak the name of Jesus (Matthew 10:33)

  • I don't reach out - I'll Call-Text-Email or Holla Atcha - - Heck, I'll even send a Carrier Pigeon - - But, I don't reach out

  • I don't follow nor conform to any politically correct worldly woke system; only the Father's kingdom (Romans 12:2)

  • I'm not obligated to man to be politically correct - I'm obligated to God to be biblically correct (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

  • The only identity I identify with is when my human spirit identifies with the Holy Spirit (Colossians 2:9-10)

  • My Pronoun Is JESUS (Acts 4:12)


  • I'm as real and raw as it gets.  I'm hard headed but, I have a heart of gold

  • Goal - Get experience Directing CO indie-films now so as to Direct Hollywood (ALT or LA) big screen blockbusters later

  • Goal - Providing indie voiceovers now so as to provide voiceovers (ALT or LA) for big blockbusters later

  • Every Actor is only as good as their Director - Every Director is only as good as their Actors

  • Best to start in your own backyard - Better to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond than a smaller fish in a bigger pond

  • If you end up becoming that good no matter your age and no matter how long it takes, they'll find you - DON'T GIVE UP

  • Being a PTSD Veteran myself (thoughts, feelings, dreams, distress, not-sleeping, mood swings, relationships) is a MoFo

  • Be great to work with other film industry peeps who live with PTSD, relate, or at least understand

  • Grew up in NJ, hitch-hiked 2,400miles one time, Army Infantry Disabled Vet, B.A. in PCs/websites.  Films self taught

  • Lived in / Visited 36 US states and 6 different countries, now drive my Jeep all over Colorado making movies & VOs

  • Expanding my film directing & VO endeavors here in Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Montana

  • Got my 1st taste of the CO Rocky Mountains 1993 - No matter where in the U.S. I'm filmmaking, CO will always be home 

  • I'm very bold, forward, rough around the edges, very aggressive, tell it like it is, take crap from no-one

  • I've been through stuff - I'm not done - I'm not perfect, I'm broken but very FORGIVEN by the 1 & only true God - Jesus

  • I fall down too - I get right back up - I'm no better then anyone else - I'm going after the same dream as you - I share

  • I'll give to and help those in need if I'm able to and I'll be willing to; generously and gladly - I will not enable anyone

  • I just want the same chance as anyone else - continue directing & VOs for movies - hopefully at a larger scale soon 

  • I'm not rich, I'm not poor, I'm financially stable, I'm debt free, I don't owe anyone anything, not tied down to anyone

  • Never smoked cigarettes, very light social drinker if any, don't partake in hard drugs or liquor or parties

  • I have very few close friends by choice because I choose to surround myself with positive, responsible, reliable peeps

  • I have the gift to gab, argue like a lawyer, not afraid to open and use my big mouth to fight for rights and what's right

  • I have the flexibility to travel anywhere in the USA or Countries to direct and provide voiceovers for movies

  • Going to lock horns however, will never attack character, integrity, never create atmosphere of slander / defamation

  • I.Q. 135, boarder line savant (can follow conversation building NASA spaceships but, #s & directions are my weakness)

  • Love training in Wing Chun martial arts Kung Fu, love my 2 door soft-top 1999 Jeep Wrangler 5-speed stick

  • No-one forced you to break into films - no-one owes you anything -  courtesy is nether a State nor a Federal law

  • Bad publicity is still publicity.  Everyone will know but, you only need to start off with one, the right one - Be patient

  • Get the word out about you however you can know matter what little you have or how it looks - Be patient

  • If you open a door someone will knock because every door leads to another - Keep knocking

  • 20 yrs & 1 day till that first break - You'll always know when 20 yrs arrives, but you'll never know when that 1 day will

  • Prettier bells & whistles don't always mean their cows & trains are better - they're bells & whistles are just pretty

  • 99% self taught - Not God's gift to the Film Industry (directing / voiceovers)  - You Do The Math

  • I'll take someone with real practical hands on, real trial and error, real fall down get back up experience any day

  • Thought about becoming an Attorney (get to know me you'll know why lol) - PC's paid bills - MOVIES ARE MY #1 PASSION


  • BUCKET LIST: Direct Yellowstone

  • BUCKET LIST: Provide my voice for Disney-Pixar

  • BUCKET LIST: Search for Bigfoot-Werewolf w/Rob Lowe

  • BUCKET LIST: Be part of a real Exorcism


  • I JUST WANT TO MAKE REAL, BIG BUDGET MOVIES - KEEP MOVING FORWARD TILL 'THAT 1 DOOR' OPENS UP - I'm not God's film-director / voice-over gift to the professional film industry by any means (I'm 99% self taught) - there's better film director's / voice-over talent who are better trained through really good film / voice-over schools however, my testimonials, my awards, my true genuine filmmaking peeps can speak for themselves and for me about me - let's work together by using the tools we each equally bring to the movie making / voice-over table - we'll call upon each of our weaknesses, turn our weaknesses into strengths, make our strengths stronger, use new tools, or just sharpen the ones we already have

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