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If You Would Like Owen Hisle To Direct Your Next Film Project

(Big Budget, Small Budget, Broke Budget, Religious, Secular, Film School, 48HFP)

Use The Message Form Below

(Owen Will Even Help You With Your Film Freeway Film Festival Submission Process)


* Your film project must comply with 'Covid-19 Safe Sets International'

* We need to sign / date your film project's NDA's and/or Contracts prior to me Directing your movie


** Let's be realistic here.  Most filmmakers are broke but they still know how to make good quality films.  Then you add Covid19 into the mix, this makes the filmmaker even more broke but their passion still drives them forward (trust me, been there - done that over the past 20 years I've been working in the film industry so I can relate).  With that said, I'm OK with being paid a minimum of $100.00 per each individual film day, and a minimum of $75.00 per each individual pre-production meeting and each individual table read

** You agree to provide round trip airfare in advance and/or transportation in advance when realistically required 

** You agree to pay me mileage reimbursement per each individual travel day (covers gas / wear & tear)

** You agree to provide overnight lodging when realistically required (I'm OK roommating with others from the project)

** You agree to provide all meals

** You agree to pay me through Venmo or CashAPP (1/2 up front.  No cash.  No checks.  No Money Orders)

*** I'm not God's Film Director gift to film projects however, I am a gifted Film Director.  I still have a lot to learn.  I don't mind falling down but when I do I only fall once per situation (if I fall) and I learn from it however, I get myself right back up and keep moving forward

*** Prior to filling out the Message Form below, take a few moments to visit all pages (see links at the top) of this website so you'll feel comfortable, confident, and secure that you know your hiring the right Director to direct your film project

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