UTR Films Is Excited To Announce We Are Relocating To
Atlanta Georgia  (The New Hollywood)  September 2023
Now UTR Films Will Have 2 Home Base Locations Effective Sep-2023
(Atlanta GA & Aurora CO)

-LAMININ Is Officially Being Made Into A Cable-TV-Series

-Pilot Now In Production Various Colorado Locations

-Although it's a cable-tv-series, it will have a film format feeling like Yellowstone

-The LAMININ Series is now equally produced by Upon This Rock Films & Upper Russell Productions

-LAMININ's 1st 30 minute Pilot will be filmed all four  (4)  Saturdays this coming September 2022

-By August 2023, LAMININ's Pilot will be complete with awards attached and ready for distribution

-LAMININ's 1st Season/1st Episode will be filmed in Atlanta GA 2023  (date, times, locations TBD)

-The LAMININ Series  (Seasons/Episodes)  will be filmed between Denver CO and Atlanta GA over several years

-Be on the look out for the new 30 minute LAMININ Series Pilot end of Summer 2023

U p d a t e s    I n   P r o g r e s s


Covid19 Safe Sets International
*{C19SSI is for the film industry world wide - Hollywood and Indie}
*{UTRF / URP will comply with C19SSI at all film locations}
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(President, Founder, CEO, for Upon This Rock Films)
(Director, Producer, Writer, Actor, Acting Coach)
(Co-Founder, CEO for Upper Russell Productions)​​
(Director of Photography, C107 Drone, Stunts)
(Co-Founder for Upper Russell Productions)​
(Script Writer, Documentarian)
(Storyboards, Animation)
(Jeep, PA)
(Film Location)​
(Location Scout, Boom, PA, Continuity)​
(Film Location)​
(DP's Assistant)​
(Volunteering his Lamborghini)​
  • Need Lots Of PA's
(Email uponthisrockfilms@gmail.com - Subject Line: PA The LAMININ Series)