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Owen Hisle is the Founder/President/CEO of Upon This Rock Films (UTR Films).  UTR Films was founded by Owen Hisle in 2013 and is located in beautiful Colorado (scroll down - there's more)

UTR Films is a multi award winning Film Production Company for Writing, Producing, and Directing Christian / Faith Based / Family Friendly films.  Owen Hisle writes, produces, and directs all of UTR Films award winning film projects

Owen Hisle himself is also a multi award winning actor (2005-2012).  He and his film production company UTR Films (2013-Present Day) are earning a trusted and respected name with-in the Colorado film industry.  Since 2001 when Owen first got into the professional film industry to present day, he and UTR Films continue to learn, make mistakes, fall down, get right back up, grow, train, work and travel all throughout as a professional award winning filmmaker and continue with this drive to this day

Owen Hisle started from the bottom, worked his way up the proverbial filmmaking ladder writing more challenging film projects, and is now a marketable multi award winning writer, producer, director in the professional Colorado film industry today.  Since 2001 to present day, Owen Hisle has had the fortunate opportunity to have worked film projects with some of Hollywood's famous named actors, independent actors, directors, and production companies

Owen Hisle is also a Medically Honorably Discharged Service Connected Veteran of the US Army

(1984-1996 3rd ID & 4th ID, 11 Bravo & 11 Mike Infantry)

Army Good Conduct Metal // Army Commendation Metal // Army Achievement Medal // Army Superior Unit Award // National Defense Service Medal // Army Service Ribbon // Marksman Firearms Medal

If You Would Like UTR Films To Produce -OR- Owen Hisle To Direct Your Next Film Project

(Big Budget, Small Budget, No Budget, Colorado, Out Of State, Out Of Country, Graduating Film School Student, 48HFP)


(Owen Hisle Will Even Help You With Your Film Freeway Film Festival Submission Process)

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