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Hisle Films has been Writing, Producing and Directing my own multi-award-winning movies however, I have found that I have a stronger passion for Producing and Directing, with Directing being my main passion.    I'm good at storytelling and writing through a verbal medium  (like after you came back from watching a great movie and you shared it with others verbally)  however, I just don't have that passion to want to sit in front of a PC typing a script out  (I guess it's just the boring factor for me lol lol).    I’m looking for a writer to write a script for my new next full feature movie.    I’m looking for someone with 5+ years of verifiable experience (film format only - no tv format).    We will discuss compensation later but yes this will be paid.    I'm looking for just that one Christian Faith-Based movie script writer (veteran or newbie) whom either has been sitting on one heck of a full feature unique movie script story already written -or- has had one heck of a full feature unique movie script story tucked away in their mind waiting to be written, but has just been waiting for that right Producer / Director to come along.    This script needs to be one that pushes the envelope, not afraid to take chances or risks and has that in your face boldness  (Think: Sound Of Freedom with Jim Caviezel or Passion Of The Christ with Mel Gibson).    Genres: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy.    I’m looking to have a new complete script in my hands by April 1st, 2024.    If you think you are that writer who has that script, email me directly and attach your script (in .pdf) at (    In the Subject Line of your email type (New Script).    Thank you.    Owen Hisle
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