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Tyler Dean Milligan,
TDM innovative marketing LLC,
Colorado Springs Colorado

Working with Owen and the UTR Films crew has been a great experience.  I love Owen's creative mind and energy he brings to the set.  What I appreciate most about working with him is that he allows a lot of creative wiggle room for me as an actor to bring the characters to life in my own way.  I'm always looking forward to getting back on set with Owen

Marla Kalin,



Owen is awesome to work with.  His passion and dedication is inspirational and he takes wonderful care of his cast and crew.  He is very supportive and is not only a wonderful director but a very talented writer as well.  What’s really cool about working with Owen is his devotion to the Lord.  Owen is a man who knows how to walk the walk.  I feel very honored and privileged to have had this opportunity to work with Owen and look forward to working with him again in the future

Michael Kennedy,
Actor / Crew,

I have acted alongside Owen in several student films, and also in films that he has produced, directed, and written.  As a novice in the film industry, I can say that Owen has been nothing but so helpful in offering advice to me and guiding me in my growth as an actor.  I really appreciate Owen for everything that he brings to the table in the film business.  He is a talented writer, director, and producer.  His scripts are creative and impactful, with positive messages of abounding faith.  His directing is focused, with a keen eye to any details that help further the story.  I've seen him change parts of the story, as the movie is being filmed, as he sees another better way to bring the message home.  Owen also loves to give back to the business, and to me the best example I can think of are the acting classes that he offers.  I have taken some of these classes and have learned much in how to apply myself in the business.  I am confident that I can use all of the insightful knowledge he has given me.  Thanks Owen!

Greg Halleck,
C-107 Drone Operator,
Colorado Springs Colorado

Owen was dedicated and hard working during the making of Broken Clay.  His enthusiasm was contagious.  My input was always valued and taken into consideration.  It was a great experience working with Owen as his drone operator

Dion Mills,

Owner @ DM Enterprises LLC,

Working on the set with Owen, I always feel important. No matter how small or big of a roll I play.  As an Actor/Actress what more can you ask for from a Writer, Producer and Director such as Owen. Most of us just want a chance. I'm glad I've had a chance to have a voice and work with a dedicated and very talented individual in the film industry!

Corinne Romero,
Make-Up / Hair / Effects,
Green Mountain Falls Colorado

What can I say that everyone already knows.  Owen Hisle is a rare find in the film industry as a Writer, Producer and Director.  Not only does he take complete Leadership in his Award Winning Films, he also is truly Wonderful to work with.  It takes a Village to do these films and a great director to complete this task.  Thank you Owen for allowing myself to work with you on these films

Hannah Rey,
California & Colorado

Owen is an amazing person and such a hard worker. When I was on set with him I could really tell that he was professional and knew exactly what he wanted in his films. He gave great direction, and even with some of the challenges he faced he was able to persevere and work through them. The films that he writes are very captivating. As an actress it’s always good to have a interesting script with a good story so that I can perform well. His films definitely meet that! Owen is an inspiration to me in every way and will inspire everyone

Zoe Marmer,

Owen jumped onto my indie short film on short notice and carried himself with enthusiasm and positivity on set.  He was well prepared for the role, bringing his own stash of props and improvising easily when it was called for.  Moreover, he was communicative from start to finish.  In a business where reliability is worth its weight in gold, Owen is one you can count on


April Martin,
Character Actor,

Meeting with Owen for the first time was inspiring!  He had so much information and delivered it with high energy.  I learned so much from him and would recommend him to anyone who would like to become an actor.  If you are already one then he can still be of help because you never know what he knows that might even help you to be even greater at it.  There is always room for improvement and I'd say Owen helped us all out a lot.  Five stars!


Brian Gutscher,
Character Actor,

Owen came to visit us as a sort of motivational speaker and individual advisor for our company.  I found his enthusiasm for the entertainment industry and overall friendliness both impressive and genuine.  I would definitely recommend having him come by for a talk


John Pempek,
Filmmaker Writer/Director,

I had the pleasure of directing Owen in the short film 'The Phlebotomist'.  Owen is very professional, hard working, and dedicated.  He will do whatever he can to make the project a success and go above and beyond what is asked of him.  He has a great passion not only for acting, but every facet of film-making in general whether it be writing, creative, costume, or promotion


Ray Appling,
Executive Producer/Director,
Lar Productions,

Working with Owen was a pleasure. His role in my short film was different from previous roles he'd been in and he handled it as any good actor would by embracing the character. He was always willing to go the extra mile. As an all volunteer film, I was impressed by his professionalism. Some people do not take their jobs as seriously in independent films like mine but Owen was an outstanding exception. I would without a doubt have Owen back on any project he's a fit for


Anne Miller,

Owen is a very funny guy, I always laugh when we are rehearsing or performing together!


Kenneth Linn,

I've had the opportunity to work with Owen on several projects, all of which were developed by students with no budgets. Not only did Owen devote his time and skills but also his professionalism. He always shows up on time and ready to go. He is a very easy person to work with on set because his energy level never seems to get low, he asks lots of questions, and is always very engaged in what's going on. I would never pass up another opportunity to work with Owen


[R.I.P.] Justin Reed,

Owen is a rockstar... He comes early, prepared and has no problem staying till the job is done. If you are a filmmaker than you know how unreliable actors can be. Owen is the real deal it is always a pleasure to have him on the set and I look forward to working with him again


Mike Carpenter,
Film/Documentary maker, Director, Producer,

Owen is one of most dedicated people that I have ever met. He shows up prepared and early to every shoot. Owen takes amazing direction and is able to give a performance, which is what you are looking for and, as a director is essential. I have worked with Owen on several pieces now, all of which he did for free. I am looking forward to working with Owen again and being able to pay him for his remarkable talent.
"Owen, thanks for everything you have done for me. I know Kenny, Justin and myself really appreciated it! I look forward to seeing and working with you again soon"


Ben Yennie,
Lead Producer,
Films By Neptune,

I've worked on many films, and Owen Hisle is a rare find. He's one of the hardest working actors I know, and I'm currently working on features in California. Owen is friendly, dedicated, and always professional. When I worked with him, I was still a student and we couldn't pay him. He was still always on time and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Owen


Bill Harris,
Director, Writer, Producer,
BillsScope Films Productions,

Each time I work with actors on my productions, I am always impressed. Owen has also impressed me. His professionalism is top notch. One of his attributes is his willingness to make a great production. It was a privilege for me to work with Owen


Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions,
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor,
Heart and Fire Productions,

Owen's dedication and talents as an actor goes far beyond just being on the big screen, his enthusiasm and passion for the project he is working on also shines behind the camera. He is full of great ideas that are often inspiring and contribute a lot to a production. I highly recommend working with Owen Hisle, I personally look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with such a professional actor. Thanks Owen, we'll be in touch!

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